Introduction Continued


The situation will boil down to this: a projectile (the dice) is "launched" off of a spring cannon (the gambler's hand), and will land on the Craps table. We going to teach the equations of projectile motion and the equations that apply to the Law of Conservation of Energy as related to the potential energy of a spring and the kinetic energy.

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You tell us: "I don't know these equations! I have just started taking physics, and I don't know how to do the math for this stuff!"

Well, we're here to show you all this cool stuff that will doubtless get you cars and supermodels and fame and fortune. By the time we are done going through our lessons with you will be able to do this stuff just as well, if not better than us (if you care at all)! Want to learn more about this exciting subject?  Click on, my fellow student!  We recommend that you learn about energy before projectile motion.  It makes all that imaginary *pain*, that unfortunate *headache* that always seems to "arise suddenly" right around the time you are about to learn something.

Learn about Conservation of Energy or Projectile Motion.