The Hardcore

What defines the hardcore gamer? Does the hardcore gamer have the heart of a gamer? The answer in a way is yes. But what really defines the hardcore gamer? Is it the 18 hours of straight game playing? The hours of missed sleep, or FUBARed relationships because of the Game? What about walking, talking, living, and thinking all about the game? Those are elements of the hardcore gamer. However, even those elements can only last so long. The fond memories of the Game will fade. Eventually, the Game will be deleted from your hard drive, maybe to be replaced by another Game that will continue this cycle. And then there will be nothing left. The Game will be surpassed, as all Games are. And They will be forgotten. Rarely does a gamer ever consider the permanent effect of a Game on the Soul or the Mind. However, there are a few out there who are dedicated enough to make the final step in making the remembrance and the legend of the Game live on. As seen below, I am one of those:

For those who have played, loved, and hated this Game, the symbol should look familiar. For those who do not know, this was the symbol of Ultima Online. For nearly two years, I lived the life of a hardcore gamer. I would slave away over the Game all weekend long, every weekend, like so many others I knew. If I wasn't eating, sleeping, going to school, playing paintball or going to the bathroom, I would play the Game. For nearly two years, I walked, talked, lived, and thought about the Game. I believe this is the ultimate combination of the hardcore gamer with the truest heart of a gamer. One who is willing to take that final step in the permanent memory of the Game. And what a Game this was. I never heard more people complain about this Game, yet keep playing it. And I was one of those people as well.

Just to give an idea of how big the tattoo is, above is the picture of where it is on my body. I've had it since January of 1999. Also note that y opinion may not be the opinion of anybody else, but that's what living in the United States is all about. Freedom to do what we want, and the freedom to keep on doing it. My email address is so email me, flame me, whatever. It's a free country, so one must take responsibility for their actions. Off to play some Rainbow Six I go, assuming the phone ever stops ringing for my roommate......