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Here is my compiled list of Jewel pages. If you want to add your page into the list, email me, and I will add you page onto the list. The same goes for dead links. Let me know, so I can fix them! I know that there are some more good Jewel sites out there, I just have to find them, or you can email me with those sites. Don't bother with Atlantic's Jewel web page. It doesn't get updated often (personal experience speaking) and the tour dates are old (kinda like how mine were :-) ).

The Official Jewel Web Page

The Unofficial Jewel Page

Jewel Kilcher Quotations and QTs

Gerrit's Jewel Page

Jay's Jewel Homepage

Pieces of Jewel

The AudioNet Jewel Concert

Cafe Jewel

Near You Always

Live Jewel Concert Pics

The Jewel Shrine

The Jewel Pages

Jewel - The Great Mystery

Jewel EDA Homepage & Guide

Angle's Inc.

God's Gift To Alaska: Jewel Kilcher

Planet Jewel

Jewel Standing By

New Castle Jewel Page

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