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Alrighty then, it's probably pretty obvious that I don't really update this page anymore. Last time it was updated (aside from now) was back in 1999. Since I didn't pay for it (gotta love free space) I've left it up. Recently I got an email about an up and coming artist, Katy Rose, who cites Jewel as one of her influences. She has her own website and her first album (Because I Can) is due out on January 27th, 2004. There are a few pictures and a 30 clip of each of the songs that will be on her new CD on the website. There is also the video 'Overdrive', which is the first track on her upcoming album. Here is a link of a recent press article about her and some other female artists.

Anyways I have a more comprehensive website at, which is my domain. It deals with Car Audio, C++, mp3PRO technology, and some other stuff about me. Check it out.

Jewel's Biography

We all know her name, but who really is Jewel, and where did she grow up? Read the F.A.Q., get to know Jewel a little bit better!


What would a Jewel site be without pictures? Just so you know some of these pictures are kind of big, but they are well worth the wait! Note - they're all FUBARed and have been for some time. They got messed up a long time ago and I never fixed them but a few aren't FUBARed.


Visit the all - new and improved lyrics page! All of the lyrics off of both of Jewel's CDs! Running time of songs included!


Here are a lot of links which I have compiled over time to some cool Jewel pages. If any of the links are broken, please let me know. If you have a good Jewel page, email me, and I will add it to the list.

Email me with any helpful questions or comments! :)

Disclaimer: Jewel is not responsible for this site, and nothing said in this site represents Jewel Kilcher's opinion in any way, shape, or form. Most of the information is as up to date as I can get it, assuming I don't keep losing my login name and password. Otherwise than that, it is not possible for me to forward anything to Jewel.
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