Welcome to the Contents page! Ok, it's just a contents page, nothing grand. Here you will find links to the various discussions about programming in C++. For the first lessons, I will be drawing mostly from my textbook I used during my Intro to Comp Sci class (C++ How To Program: Second Edition). I'm just going to use it as a framework for the opening lessons. After that I am going to start teaching how to program in the order I believe is the most efficient. Just remember that I'm not going to cover every single little detail about everything. This page is an excellent starter, but it's not meant to be the equivalent of a C++ class in school. Also, if I am forced to take code from the textbook (and I really hope I don't have to) I will give the page number on which that code was found.

Also on this site, you can also find links to other web pages that deal with programming in the C++ language. And lastly, I am always looking for any sort of constructive criticism. My email address is . Please remember to put "C++ Help" or "C++ Criticism" in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete your email when I'm sorting through my junk email. Enjoy the show. :-)

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In this section you will find links to all the lessons that I have posted. I have them in a section style format, where in the beginning it closely mimics my textbook, however after a few lessons, the code that I will demonstrate will be drawn from different areas of C++ programming..


In this section you will links to various web pages concerning C++ Programming. Don't forget to email me if you find a broken link. :-)


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